Mike Dobush

    Photo of Mike Dobush General Manager Contact

    Richard Finck

    Photo of Richard Finck General Sales Manager Contact

    Dondee Manansala

    Photo of Dondee Manansala Sales Manager Contact

    Ethan Robson

    Photo of Ethan Robson Sales Manager Contact

    Robin Didur

    Photo of Robin Didur Used Sales Manager Contact

    Chris Nickelmann

    Photo of Chris Nickelmann Parts Manager Contact

    Jim Dolphin

    Photo of Jim Dolphin Service Manager Contact

    Keith Cochrane

    Photo of Keith Cochrane Fixed Operations Manager Contact

    Jessie Grant

    Photo of Jessie Grant Assistant Service Manager Contact

    Sales Department

    Armino (Aris) Gjini

    Photo of Armino (Aris) Gjini Product Advisor Contact

    Brian Penner

    Photo of Brian Penner Fleet Manager Contact

    Chris Kaufmann

    Photo of Chris Kaufmann Product Advisor Contact

    Chris Sleva

    Photo of Chris Sleva Product Advisor Contact

    Dustin From

    Photo of Dustin From Product Advisor Contact

    Felix Tat

    Photo of Felix Tat Product Advisor Contact

    Ilya Plotnikov

    Photo of Ilya Plotnikov Product Advisor Contact

    Jodi Stefanchuk

    Photo of Jodi Stefanchuk Commercial Account Manager Contact

    Patrick Alcantara

    Photo of Patrick Alcantara Product Advisor Contact

    Thomas Palmer

    Photo of Thomas Palmer Product Advisor Contact

    Financial Services

    Brenda Tesch

    Photo of Brenda Tesch Financial Services Manager Contact

    Dave Peterson

    Photo of Dave Peterson Financial Services Manager Contact

    Jenny Silverstein

    Photo of Jenny Silverstein Remote Marketing Manager Contact

    Melanie Hudson

    Photo of Melanie Hudson Remote Marketing Manager Contact

    Tyrone Brown

    Photo of Tyrone Brown Financial Services Manager Contact

    Administration and Support

    Amanda Martin

    Photo of Amanda Martin Service Administrator Contact

    Ammy Suvajac

    Photo of Ammy Suvajac Sales Administrator Contact

    Anna Smith

    Photo of Anna Smith Service Administrator Contact

    Jeremy De Villa

    Photo of Jeremy De Villa Delivery Coordinator Contact

    Lot Attendants and Detailers

    Connor Stewart

    Photo of Connor Stewart Sales Lot Attendant

    Eduardo Manuel

    Photo of Eduardo Manuel Service Lot Attendant

    Jimmy Holland

    Photo of Jimmy Holland Service Lot Attendant

    Kyle Leveque

    Photo of Kyle Leveque Sales Detailer

    Matthew Winters

    Photo of Matthew Winters Sales Lot Attendant

    Michael Nowak

    Photo of Michael Nowak Sales Lot Attendant

    Paul Henderson

    Photo of Paul Henderson Sales Detailer

    Ryan Moss

    Photo of Ryan Moss Service Detailer

    Service Department

    Bryan Brigham

    Photo of Bryan Brigham Service Consultant Contact

    Dominic Tuason

    Photo of Dominic Tuason Service Consultant Contact

    Gerri Lynn Offerman

    Photo of Gerri Lynn Offerman Service Consultant Contact

    Jordan Zadro

    Photo of Jordan Zadro Service Consultant Contact

    Kylee Hunter

    Photo of Kylee Hunter Service Consultant Contact

    Mason Aquin

    Photo of Mason Aquin Service Consultant Contact

    Tara Vasas

    Photo of Tara Vasas Service Consultant Contact

    Derek Aston

    Photo of Derek Aston Shop Foreman

    Alex Pinsonneault

    Photo of Alex Pinsonneault Technician, Licensed Red Seal

    Alvin Balala

    Photo of Alvin Balala Technician, Licensed Red Seal

    Anton Lobo

    Photo of Anton Lobo Technician, Apprentice Level 3

    Brad Nault

    Photo of Brad Nault Technician, Apprentice Level 4

    Chris Le

    Photo of Chris Le Technician, Licensed Red Seal

    Chris Van Steelant

    Photo of Chris Van Steelant Technician, Licensed Red Seal

    Clayton Merritt

    Photo of Clayton Merritt Technician, Apprentice Level 2

    Craig Winters

    Photo of Craig Winters Technician, Licensed Red Seal

    Devon Beatty

    Photo of Devon Beatty Technician, Licensed Red Seal

    Dylan Moran

    Photo of Dylan Moran Apprentice Technician, Level 1

    Eddie Garcia

    Photo of Eddie Garcia Technician, Licensed Red Seal

    Euroh Ugot

    Photo of Euroh Ugot Technician, Apprentice Level 1

    Jarrett Yellowega

    Photo of Jarrett Yellowega Technician, Licensed Red Seal

    Jay Harold Feliciano

    Photo of Jay Harold Feliciano Technician, Licensed Red Seal

    Manuel Oosthuizen-Sawatzky

    Photo of Manuel Oosthuizen-Sawatzky Technician, Licensed Red Seal

    Marc Santiago

    Photo of Marc Santiago Technician, Apprentice Level 4

    Matt Schmidt

    Photo of Matt Schmidt Technician

    Meaghan Flynn

    Photo of Meaghan Flynn Technician, Apprentice Level 2

    Nicholas Balkwill

    Photo of Nicholas Balkwill Technician, Licensed Red Seal

    Owen Desautels

    Photo of Owen Desautels Technician, Lube & Maintenance

    Paul Agius

    Photo of Paul Agius Technician, Licensed Red Seal

    Raul Imperial

    Photo of Raul Imperial Technician, General

    Robinson Balala

    Photo of Robinson Balala Technician, General

    Stanislav Morhovskyi

    Photo of Stanislav Morhovskyi Technician, Licensed Red Seal

    Yevhen Sakhno

    Photo of Yevhen Sakhno Technician, General

    Parts Department

    Danny Breuer

    Photo of Danny Breuer Parts Consultant Contact

    Derek Peters

    Photo of Derek Peters Parts Consultant Contact

    Michael Remillard

    Photo of Michael Remillard Parts Consultant Contact

    RJ Kreutzer

    Photo of RJ Kreutzer Accessories Sales Advisor Contact

    Wesley Walker

    Photo of Wesley Walker Parts Consultant Contact

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