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    Should your business fleet require 1, 5 or 1,000 vehicles, we are here to help. Our inventory includes the Ford Transit, all-electric Ford E-Transit, Ford F-150, and the Ford Super Duty line including F-250, F-350 F-450,F-550 and F-600. All these vehicles can be customized with accessories and outfitting to fit your specific business needs. We are here through every phase: purchase or lease, servicing and eventual trade-in. Birchwood Ford is always working to ensure we provide you with the quickest, most convenient sales and service experience.

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    How We Can Help

    Ford Commercial Solutions Including Ford Pro Telematics

    Ford Commercial Solutions include integrated products and services tailored to meet the unique demands of fleet professionals. Whether you need to increase vehicle uptime and productivity, reduce maintenance costs, manage compliance, or improve efficiency in other ways – we can deliver the right solutions you need for your business. 

    Ford Commercial vans
    Ford Pro Telematics Stay in control of your fleet with Ford’s Ford Pro Telematics
    • Know where your vehicles are at all times with the embedded GPS modem.
    • Set Geo Fencing to know if a vehicle leaves it’s designated route.
    • Receive vehicle health alerts to let you know if a vehicle needs maintenance, if there is an active recall, if there is a fault causing a malfunction indicator light and more.
    • Set speed driving parameters.
    • Receive driver behavior insights to keep your fleet in optimal condition. This helps save you in maintenance and operating costs by reducing engine hours, fuel consumption and harsh driving.

    Your Vehicle Purchase/Lease Experience

    Birchwood Ford will ensure that you make the most beneficial choice for your business, and we can do it all right from your office. We make the process quick and easy, even if you have never purchased or leased a commercial vehicle. Start by submitting a Business Credit Application.

    Plan To Purchase At Least 1 Vehicle In The Next Year?

    Get ahead of the game by setting up a pre-approval with a Commercial Line Of Credit through Ford Credit. This will reduce transaction time and get you back to the things that matter most. By opening a Commercial Line of Credit (CLOC), you’ll get the advantage of: flexible terms, no setup or non-utilization charges, credit that frees up capital, and the availability of a combined billing statement. A CLOC is available for retail, red carpet lease, and Commercial Lease financing. If you’re interested in starting a line of credit, you can begin the process today online by clicking the link below or by calling us direct at (204) 661-9555

    Have 5 Or More Vehicles On The Road?

    You qualify for a Fleet Identification Number which will get you incentives including:

    • Savings on Ford Vehicle Purchases
    • A no charge 160,000kms Powertrain Warranty
    • Access to Ford’s fleet allocations to help you get the vehicles that your business requires

    Accessories & Outfitting

    Birchwood Ford works to make your vehicle an extension of your work space. From Genuine Ford accessories to customized shelving and racks to full commercial service bodies, we know the right parts, the right suppliers and the right installers for the job. Our technicians are experts in accessories and outfitting and are committed to making sure your vehicle or fleet are perfect for your business. From laptop mounts to customized rear seat storage systems, we want to make your wildest dreams come true.

    Dedicated Commercial/Fleet Service Centre

    Our Service Centre is focused on providing the best possible services in all areas including repair, maintenance and outfitting. We want to make sure that your vehicles are always running up to speed. With our service concierge program and flexible service hours we will ensure you never miss a service interval. We are a certified Ford Canada Commercial Specialty Vehicle Service dealer with 22 factory-trained technicians and nearly a quarter of a million dollars in parts ready on hand to address any repairs you may have as quickly as possible. We keep your vehicles working longer and harder for you by keeping them in best shape possible.

    We understand that your vehicles need to work as hard as you do, which is why we offer service loaners or subsidized rentals 24-7. In the unlikely event of a vehicle breakdown, we’ll make sure you’re on the road and conducting your business.

    Apply today for Ford Fleet Care, a 30-day interest free service charge account.

    We service Medium and Heavy Duty vehicles including the Ford F550, F650, F750 and more!.

    Meet our Commercial Vehicle Centre Team

    Brian Penner Birchwood Ford

    Brian Penner

    Fleet Manager
    [email protected]
    Tel: 204-654-8366


    Jodi Stefanchuck

    Commercial Account Manager
    [email protected]
    Tel: 204-654-8361

    Tara Vasas, Birchwood Ford

    Tara Vasas

    Commercial/Fleet Service Consultant
    [email protected]
    Tel: 204-654-8221


    Gerri-Lynn Offerman

    Commercial/Fleet Service Consultant
    [email protected]
    Tel: 204-654-8372

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